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Dysport™ is a brand new product, and is similar in make and usage to Botox®. For some time, Botox® has been without competition, but Dysport™ is steadily growing in popularity among patients and doctors alike. Like Botox®, Dysport™ can be administered for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles or for the treatment of the symptoms of cervical dystonia.

Dysport™ is a tiny injection that can be administered by Dr. Hakimian. It is comprised of Clostridium botulinum, which produces a substance that reduces muscle activity. Reduced muscle activity in the face means that wrinkles will subside and frown lines will be less likely to form. For frown lines and wrinkles, results from just one ten-minute Dysport™ non-surgical procedure can last for up to four months.

Dysport™ has also been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of cervical dystonia, a condition characterized by chronic neck pain, neck spasms, abnormal head tilt or posture, and neck and shoulder pain. Cervical dystonia is thought to be caused by overactive muscles in the neck. The more the muscles strain, the more pain you feel and the more likely the muscles are to spasms and tighten. A few quick Dysport™ injections directly into your neck muscles can help reduce muscle spasm and muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, and head, helping to alleviate your cervical dystonia symptoms.

If you are looking to alleviate the symptoms of aging, frown lines, wrinkles, and/or cervical dystonia, but have decided that botox is not the right product for you, talk to Dr. Hakimian about Dysport™. Although the products are similar, the intricacies that make them different can often make one product a better choice for certain people.

The staff at Laser Touch Medical Clinic will be happy to discuss Dysport™ and any of our other facial procedures with you. Please call for a private consultation at 1-888-LASER-15 (1-888-527-3715) or schedule an appointment by choosing a location and submitting a form.

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